Urban Surrealism or Street Surrealism, is a genre of art that fuses Grafitti inner city culture with the psychedelic nature of Surrealism. Influenced by the early 90's hip-hop movement, and the live art freestyles of Bob Ross on public television. 

Its core belief is that is that all progression begins in the faculty of the imagination.  Its goal is expansion, if the work is not pressing against the paradigm, it's not art. If it's not stretching the imagination, it has failed to do its job. 

Developed by Oliveira in the late 90's, it was a way for him to escape the four walls of an old three-family apartment in the South End of New Bedford, MA. Painting in a bright color palette to stay out of depression in the bleak winter months.


Art Basel 2016 - South Beach - Live Art - Speakfriday

The Boston, Providence nightlife scene in the 2000's and now in South Florida, can be seen captured in his body of 400+ paintings. 

"As artist's, we paint with music playing because it gives us energy and feeds the creative process. The nightclub was a way for me to experience that on the highest level possible, without the authorities being called."


LIVE ART - 400+ Shows

This brand of live art is not studio time in a public place or copying from a sketch planned the night before. Live art is a naked way a painting, it's where your audience gets to see the authentic creative process unfold. If art is the extension of the artist, live art is the witness to this transference.

Live Art Wynwood

Wynwood, Miami - Live Art - Wynwood Life

"I was never good at being a musician, live art was a way for me to be like the band, a platform for me to experience making art in front of an audience."


New York Art Battles Winner


"The urge to break something that exists as normal, the annoying inner demon that no longer wants to negotiate,  the blurry purpose of life, nature, and good art. But above all it is the urge to feel connected to something higher than myself. That something many call God.


CMYK Gallery, Miami, FL.

Live Art Wynwood Miami Joshua Oliveira

 Live Art at the Lightbox - Wynwood, Miami